Nuno Felting in merino wools and silks

Workshop was run on one to one basis to explore Nuno felting techniques.

Patience and determination to thoroughly felt are necessary to achieve good results. Expectations managed initially by creating a few samples using different material and techniques.

Embellishing the base of 2 layers of merino wool laid upon silk pongee square.
Silk strips and curly tops arranged on either side of sample.
One side is ready fo dampening and palming down.
A sander was used to push the wool fibres down through the silk base before wool fibres felted to each other.
Working on one side of this Nuno felted piece, sharp scissors used to cut onto fabric which was quite thick as silk base was felted on both sides: one with ribbon embellisments placed on top of wool and on the other side the silk ribbon was laid out first with wool on top. The silk pongee sample was sandwiched inbetween the wool fibres.
Cut reveals into 2 layers of white merino wool uncover silk ribbons beneath.
Blue Leicester wiry locks laid sparsely on wispy layer of white Merino wool. Fibres migrated through silk fibre but embellishments moved across the piece too.
Natural tones of curly wool tops arranged on top of fine layer of white merino wool laid on one side of silk Pongee.
Samples of base layers of cheap chiffon and voile laid out ready for testing.

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