Nuno Felting in Devon at Felting Workshop.

Lyn nuno felted this stunning scarf in fine Merino wools and silks in a one to one workshop.
Lyn began by gently laying out fine drafts of silk and wool fibres in a flowing design of cool greens, blues and yellow with pops of pink in peacock swirls. Looks easy – but she thought about her design, made a quick colour sketch first and chose her palette of colours.
After the design was laid down and merino fibres added, the chiffon silk scarf was placed carefully on the design and wetted before being flipped over and a ghost designmade on the other side. Cool water and olive oil soap and gentle massaging by hand and with a palm Felter to help the wool fibres migrate through the silk chiffon to the other side, creating a whole new fabric in the process.
The rolling process begins. 200 rolls in all 4 directions then turn project over and repeat the process.
Here you can see how the design on the reverse side reflects colours, flow and motif of main design below.
The main design before fulling process.
Both sides now. A perfect result reflecting the original concept, palette planning and careful drafting of fibres.

Lyn worked all day on her awesome scarf and took it home to finish off. She is a true artist and a gifted crafter.

If you want to find out more about nuno felting, I run two workshops.

A short half day session to nuno Felt an art scarf or neckwarmer.

A full day session designing and nuno felting a scarf length of pure silk chiffon in merino wools embellished with silks.

Lyn said…

“What a wonderful day. I knew nothing about felting before but Judi explained everything so well that very quickly she had me engrossed in making a sample ‘wet felt’ panel of three different designs and colourways, to familiarise me with the technique. With that under my belt, Judi moved me on to working on a delicate Nuno felted panel, which I’m going to make into a small scarf, and I’m thrilled with the way everything turned out. The day was long enough to create the design, apply all the beautiful silky Merino threads and make a good start on turning it into the finished item, but we did run out of time (it’s a long process!) so I’ve brought it home to apply more elbow-grease and finish it off. Judi is a great teacher, very relaxed and friendly, and she supplied me with tea, cookies and a delicious lunch (cooked by her lovely husband) and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this workshop to anyone who enjoys crafting. Ten out of ten.”

Duration: 10am to 4pm

Price: £80

Book with: Judi Binks
at Felting in DevonSheraton House
EX17 4RS

Next Course Starts Sunday 9th February 2020.

About the Course

Learn how to Nuno Felt a silk chiffon scarf in fine Merino wools and silk embellishments. Create your own unique fashion item that is also a work of art. 10.00am to 4.00pm. £80.

What is Nuno Felting?
Nuno Felting is an exciting and innovative process which involves incorporating wool fibres into and through fine silk mesh to create a new fabric. These wool fibres are felted through the tiny mesh or gauge of silks like chiffon and habotai. I’m also developing exciting new applications of nuno felting using hand dyed silk scarves as well as silk and cotton gauze fabrics. This technique would attract crafters from other skills like silk painting and weaving.

My Art Felting studio is warm and bright and brimful of inspirational resources.
My teaching style is dynamic and enthusiastic. I taught for over 30 years and received a Farmington Fellowship at Oxford University in recognition of my teaching skills.
It’s important to me that you enjoy making your scarf, and that you learn all the skills needed to create beautiful scarves at home.
Materials used include pure silk chiffon scarf length, habotai and tussah silks, sari ribbons, mawata silk hankies, Teesdale curls and fine Merino wools. Angelina.
The price includes all materials and expert tuition.
An ideal gift for an arty crafter.
Maximum number of felters on each course is limited to three, and the session will still run with just one person.

What’s included in the price?

All materials.
Merino Wool rovings and yarns
Teesdale curly locks.
Silk threads, Angelina, mawati silk cocoons and bamboo silks etc.
Textured surface ( plastic bubble wrap)
Tulle or gauze netting
Olive Oil soap
Refreshments. Lunch on the full day.
Free Wi-Fi
Printed notes.
Photos of your workshop progress & project.
Felting in Devon Blog
Extra. Select your own packs of selected silks and wool roving to use at home available to buy.Read more … 

Contact me at: or text me on 07837436395 Judi Binks

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