How to Card wool fibres by hand

Details of embellishments of silks, nepps and curly locks are added as design layers are built up. Felting in Devon workshop. Margaret’s project is still damp and soapy from felting. Delightful. 😊
This is Margaret’s base layer for her landscape design. The effect of carding to blend the fibres has created a fluffy pillow of uniquely blended colours. The fibres for the sky were mainly laid down horizontally, whilst the purples and greens of the moors in the middle layer are painted in the direction of the contours. The bottom grass meadow foreground layer consists of blended greens, yellow, purple and black – blended and laid down vertically.
Margaret carefully lays down the base design layer on to pre-felt. Workingdown from the sky, through to moors and into the foreground.
Notice how the carded fibres are  fluffed up in texture. 3 different blues and a mauve were blended to create a vibrant sky.

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