How to Nuno Felt a Silk Scarf

Jan and Lyn brightened this Sunday with their “go to” attitude to crafting and their cheerful demeanour in learning a new skill of nuno felting.

Laying out the base layer of the design on to silk scarf. Beforehand, samples had been made to demonstrate the process of migrating wool fibres through the silk and to show the elements of design and colour.
Jan’s sample of single fine base of turquoise merino wool with curly tops as fringes, embellishments of cut and torn silk remnants and strewn silk and wool fibres. Sample involved laying out fibres and dampening down without palming or felting.
Lyn’s sample
Lyn lays down very fine layers of grey Merino wool/silk rovings on one side of project.
Jan’s chosen palette for her lightweight summery scarf contains soft turquoises, yellows and blues.
“My Lady” models Jan’s summer scarf for us as it is still sopping wet and bears the indentation of bubble wrap! Jan will finish this at home by continuing to roll out to achieve a smooth felted finish, before rubbing the edges with soap to strengthen the structure: lots of rinsing in cold water to get rid of soap and gentle fulling by gently scrunching damp project and letting it fall to a hard surface a few times. It will be dried flat naturally and future washings should be in cold water only.
Reverse side of scarf in accent colours. Still unfinished and soaking wet.
Lyn’s scarf shows her principal design elements of strong, linear flow of blues, turquoise and French grey. It’s a statement scarf that is unique and elegant. Please note the scarf in this photograph is still unfinished, sopping wet and dimpled by bubble wrap. We await the completed pictures. Nuno is a long process and because we’re creating fashion accessories, attention to detail and finish is essential. Both ladies took scarves home to finish off with full instructions. No point rushing it!

Nuno Felt scarf part 1

The YouTube link above takes you to part 1 of 4 Nuno Felting Tutorials produced by Living Felt.
I would recommend this simply written illustrated guide by Nancy Shwab.

Jan’s Review of the one day workshop.

Booked a whole day workshop with Judi, first time doing any felting!
A lovely welcome when my friend and I arrived with a good explanation of how the day would go.
Then introduced to a ‘sweet shop’ of beautiful wools silks and other possible embellishments almost too many to choose from.
Then off to the studio to start our practice piece , learning how to felt into the fine silk.
Then the fun if choosing colours for our finished scarves.
Judi is very knowledgeable, and encouraging. More work to do to finish our scarves at home, my goodness the day went quickly! A delicious lunch too!
A great day would definitely recommend this workshop, thank you so much Judi.

Jan Davies –

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