How to frame your felted pictures…

I had a really interesting query from Kelly about framing felt paintings, so I’m going to copy the answer I gave her for all of you to read.

The picture above is not important, but the frame and mounting is shown quite clearly. *(The picture above is double mounted with a frame inside the main frame made from mounting board. It is traditional to cut the inside edge of the inner mount at 45 degrees, which can be done fairly easily with a very sharp Stanley knife.)

Wet felted picture inspired by Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’.

It’s important to mount your work and enclose it in a deep frame so that the felt does not press against the glass.

You will also notice that I add my ceramic mark of my initials JB set into a sheep’s head. I designed, carved and fired this ceramic so it is as unique as a signature. Finer artists than me, will embroider their name.

Suggestion for Mounting a Felted Picture

1. Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard 10mm smaller all round than the piece of felt, so it is not visible behind the picture.
2. Make sure the felted picture is completely flat, then stitch and stretch the felt onto the cardboard from behind.

3. Stitch into all four corners and halfway inbetween on all 4 sides, making a total of 8 sets of stitches. On average, about six stitches at each of these 8 points will secure it well. A standard needle and cotton or nylon thread was used.

4. Then, get some mounting board ( buy online) of your desired colour.

5. Fix the back of the corrugated cardboard onto the mounting board with double sided sellotape. The size of the mounting board should fit inside your chosen picture frame.
It’s best to buy a picture frame with a deep rebate of more than 12mm; as this will give room for the glass plus the felt picture plus backing plus mount board. 15mm rebate is ideal.

6. Seal everything into the back of the picture frame using gummed tape (available on internet). Do not use masking tape as it will come off!

7. Put in two hangers on back of picture frame, screwed into rear of the picture frame, about one-third of the way down from the top. Attach the cord, between the hangers, using 2mm white nylon picture cord (available on internet).

8. My husband made the frames, but I know that the IKEA Ribba range of picture frames are both cheap and deep!

9. Notes were dictated to me by Martin Binks who framed my pieces.

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