How to wet felt a Devon Landscape or Sheepscape

Kits from £15 + p&p.

When you open your kit, you’ll find at least 16 different colours of Merino wools, mulberry silks, angelina fibres and curly tops, as well as 2 sheets of white pre-felt, netting and bubble wrap. There’s also a printed copy of illustrated instructions.

Below, I’ve made 13 short real-time videos to help show you how to approach your project, step by step. Hopefully, it will you the confidence to be creative in your composition and help you put your own individual stamp on it.

This post is all about creating your composition. It’s the fun side of felting. This is the critical process where you can spend as long as you like getting it just right – before the actual wet felting process begins. It’s also the most absorbing part. The actual felting process is simple and will be shown elsewhere. This is sheer creativity. After 3 hours in the workshop, most of my students took home wet partly felted pieces to finish off later! I love looking at their pictures which show such happy faces and everyone’s picture was unique. Thank you.

Part 1: Contents of the kit

1. The Contents of kit.

( Sorry about quality of filming: this was done on my mobile, with only one hand free to work the wool, and, it was unscripted.🙏 )

Part 2 Getting started on the sky by blending the blues

2. Blue skies

Part 3 More about carding fibres to blend colours

3. Carding the wools to blend the colours of the sky.

Part 4 Laying down the fibres for sky and middle ground moorland

4. Different ways of laying out the drafts of wool for the sky.
4b. Blending and placing the greens for the base pasture layer.

Part 5 Foreground composition element of pasture


Part 6 Completing the first layer of landscape background

6. Finishing the first design layer of background sky, moors and pasture.

Part 7 Starting from the top – adding the second design layer

7. Embellishments to sky

Part 8 Adding the sheep

8. Adding the Sheep.

Part 9 Adding close up details of stalks and grasses.

9. Close up of grass, stems, stalks.

Part 10 Snips and nepps, flowers and field texture

Part 11 Adding Silk Threads for shine and texture


Part 12 Adding texture, tone and perspective to your composition


Part 13 Adding the finishing touches to the composition


Some of my beautiful students with their Sheepscapes. Missing you all. 🥰🌈

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