Sari Silk Slivers ‘Fiesta’. Perfect for Spinning, Felting & Papermaking.

500 gram Hank of Sari Silk slivers. Fiesta mix.
I weigh and check the lengths of skein and wrap them separately around an A4 card so you can see the full range of colours.
I incorporated some of the Fiesta sari silk fibres into fine Merino wool tops and used a plastic Resist to make a 3D object. Might become a tea cosy!
This unfinished sample using Fiesta and merino wool could become a bag or a vase. It shows the lustrous mix of tiny silk fibres in this mix.
The other side of the Fiesta bag/vase sample

Interested in a short tutorial on felting a bowl, bag or ipad cover? Email me: or text me on 07837 436396. Judi Binks 😊

Once I have gently steamed the hanks and purified them with a lavender water infusion, I unroll and check every skein before weighing accurately.

Price guide – may vary according to width of the skein which can vary between 2 – 4 cms.

10 metres Β£8

20 metres Β£15


BACS available.

Projects using Sari Silk Slivers

Silk-Paper making. Journal covers and pages.

Boho jewellery: silk wrapped bangles, earrings and dream catchers.

Boho earrings. Screen grab from Etsy.
Sari Silk necklace. Screen grab from Etsy

Felted Flowers

Embellishments on Nuno felted scarves and Wall Hangings.

Two Nuno felted scarf samples I made.
Some of the silks and embellishments included in my Felting a Wall Hanging kit.

What are sari silk slivers?
Sari Silk slivers are beautiful soft fibres which are a by-product of the newly trimmed saris after being woven. These silk trimmings are gathered up and processed to make a silky coil of fabric with a predominant sheen of your chosen  colour, underlaid with tiny mixed threads which can be spun, woven with yarns or used in wet felting and needle felting.
Artistic and Decorative
As a fibre artist, I often incorporate the purple and red sari silk slivers into moorland and distant mountain scenes when I’m felting. The turquoise slivers are gorgeous when used as embellishments into seascapes, giving the sea a subtle shimmering effect. Silk slivers can be needle felted directly onto felted pieces as  decoration. This has the benefit of being a recycled product, which also means there can be slight variations in colour.
Slivers have a soft and featherlike touch which can be easily spun with wools, silks and other yarns to create uniquely coloured  and textured yarns.
I love working with silks and merino wools to create wall hangings, nuno felted scarves and felted pictures, felted bags, bowls and unique covers for ipads and tablets. I use these silks to enhance the wools by  adding a special sheen and I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate silk slivers into art and craft work. They are ethically sourced directly from the manufacturer in Rajasthan, who takes a great pride in this product. I have to buy large quantity for my own use and only sell on my small surplus stock.
The other colours are vibrant Blue/Purple mix, Red mix, Ocean Blue, Turquoise and Autumnal mix
In addition, I’m happy to respond to any queries about wet felting: you can always contact me at

Environmental benefits
Recycled silk yarn is a lovely fibre that also happens to help people and the planet. As the name implies, recycled silk yarn is made from recycled silk, more specifically the waste silk from industrial weaving mills in India (the silk is mostly used to make saris). The yarn is hand-spun in Nepal and India, giving women there a way to work and earn money. It’s beautiful all around.
The yarns made from spinning the recycled sari silk fibres are unique and great for knitting projects like bags, hats and cowls.


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