New Sari Silk Ribbons from Maharashtra

Sari Silk ribbons are a joy to work with and the possibilities are endless for the creative crafter

Here’s some ideas to whet your appetite, but first, some of the new colours arriving next week from Maharashtra.

Read to end of post for more background to these lush funky ribbons!

Ribbons are sold in metres, from £5 for 10 metres to £12 per 100 gram skein.

Brocade ribbons are Multicoloured designs in 100% recycled Sari Silk interwoven with gold and silver threads.
Brocade ribbons unfurled from skein and rolled around card to display lively colours.
One of my favourite colours is this lush lime green.
Skeins of Turquoise, Russet, Brocade and Lime sari silk Ribbons currently in stock
Selection of Brocade skeins
Russet Frizz
Arriving in mid January. Hand dyed in Maharashtra village collective.
Arriving in mid January. Hand dyed in Maharashtra village collective.
Arriving in mid January. Hand dyed in Maharashtra village collective.
Vibrant pink mix
Lime and yellow mix
Bright green
Cobalt Blue
Lavender, blue, green
Just a joy to behold. Brocade, Purple, Turquoise Fresh Lime unfurled.

Projects using Sari Silk Ribbons

Free bangle sent out with some ribbons for sari silk wrap jewellery making


Ribbons are sold by the metre for short lengths, and, by weight when buying a whole skein weighing 100 grams.

£5 for 10 metres. I am happy to cut to you desired length.

£9.95 for a whole skein weighing 100 grams.

Brocade skeins are multicoloured, red, gold, blue, green etc. Ideal for crochet, knit, macramé, felt, jewellery trim, mixed media, textile wall hangings.
What other colours are available?
Turquoise Blue
Fuzzy Brown
Lime Green and Vivid Purple

I live in a small village 6 miles north of Crediton and I buy direct from a village co-operative in Rajasthan for my own use as a teacher and fibre artist.

I offer free samples of other silks and silk papers plus access to my online instructions on a constantly  updated range of  craft projects and ideas incorporating sari silk slivers, saris silk ribbons and nuno felting plus feedback and advice from me via email – even with the smallest orders.

What is sari silk ribbon? Silk Sari Ribbons consist of thin strips of mainly silk material stitched or knotted together ino a twisted skein weighing 100 grams and measuring from 35 to 80 metres long according to its width.
All the ribbons are made from torn strips, about 1 metre, of sari silk fabric, which are sewn together end to end to make a continuous length of ribbon. The edges are untrimmed. Each skein is handmade, unique and may be irregular in shape. The shade may also vary throughout the skein as they are hand dyed.
This 100% Silk, Sari Ribbon Yarn is handmade from the recycled offcuts from silk saris. This provides useful employment in rural India and prevents sari remnants from going to landfill. This is a sustainable and ethically sourced yarn.
How can I use sari silk ribbons in my craft projects? Whether you knit, crochet, weave, or make jewelry, wrap gifts, make garments or embellish wall hangings, this beautiful recycled yarn is a decorative  addition to any project.
Check out my website for other felting projects.

Free tutorials and curated resources.

Please note that each skein is hand dyed, so I recommend purchasing all the ribbon you need for your entire project at one time, so I can ensure that all the yarn you receive is similar in shade.
Be aware that each separate piece/strand of ribbon may be a slightly different diameter and length to the next piece.
Technical data
Length/Weight:25 yards/100 grams
Yarn Weight:6 – Super Bulky (1/4 inch thick)
Yarn Material:Sari Silk
Needle Size:11 and up
Hook Size:L and up
Gauge (knit/crochet):3-4/1-2 sts per inch
Physical Quality:Varying textures and widths of ribbon, no elasticity, lovely colour variety
How to Clean:Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry or dry clean
Gorgeous addition in Knitting ribbon, Crocheting ribbon, Embroidery, Felting, Weaving,  Boho Jewelry Making, Home Decor, Gift Wrapping, Mixed Media, Rug making, table runners, Appliquée, Card-making, Art Journals, collage, Macramé, Textile wall hangings etc. It is great for knitting ribbon, wall hangings – the sky’s the limit!

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