Sari Silk Slivers for Spinning

Fiesta is gorgeous mix of mainly pastel shades of pinks, blues and yellows and greens with surprising ‘pops’ of vivid pink and blue.

Click here for more detailed description and projects


10 metres for £7. Add £1.60 for P&P. Next day dispatch.

Fiesta in its golden and green accents
I plaited a 2 metre length to illustrate the flow of colours
Packs of silks selected for a spinner. From the top, Turquoise and Teal Ocean mix, the last two layer are both Fiesta. The buyer wanted a vivid section of Fiesta (middle) and a cooler flow, as shown in bottom pack.
A little bitty silk paper shown on the left hand made using Fiesta silks. I can prepare you a customised silk paper making kit to try out this alchemy yourself.
This is what a 20 metre unfurled coil of Fiesta sari silk sliver looks like. It has a beauty and life of its own!
Fiesta unfurled!
A box of silks.

Autumn Leaves

Rich russet, caramels and toffee with flash of light jade green.
Autumn Leaves is such a smart, warm and sassy mix
I always unfurl the sliver to show the run of colours in each length, particularly if the customer is looking for a special signature hue. Note the different green hues and the burnt out red embers.

A cooler flow of Autum showing a neutral ashen streak.
From left to right… Sari silk ribbons in Turquoise, navy blue, Russet Frizz with a bangle to try out Boho silk wrap jewellery. Some Brocade ribbons nestle into the left of a mini skein of Fiesta, flanked on the right by a goodly amount of Autumn Leaves. Ready for dispatch. Weaving with the ribbons and spinning with silks!
A pack of silk slivers for Kate
Emerald Flow
Close up of Autumn with the brilliant burnish of maple leaves in a New England Fall.
A pop of Turquoise glinting in the pastel pinks and golds on this 100 gram ball of Fiesta.
Above and below – it is still Autumn. Think of the possibilities of spinning with this silk fibre…
Just one final glimpse of Autumn, before moving on to the bling of Maharishi Red mix below.
The vibrant richness of Maharishi Red
Turquoise and Teal or my “Ocean” mix. The colours evoke the Cornish coastal waters.
Ocean mix
Another aspect of Fiesta.
Cobalt blue mix

Purple Jewel. The spinners’ darling.

Purple Jewel defies description.
Sumptuous mix of every colour – but most strikingly – purple.

How do you describe colours?

Here, a large acer leak felted with Purple Jewel silk sliver.

Only £8 for 10 metres of soft silky fibres in sumptuous hues just waiting to be spun.

Contact me before they disappear. Every sliver is unique. These are actual photographs of my fibres, not stock generic pictures.

Judi Binks. 07837 436 395 or

Please pay by BACS Mrs JBinks. Sort code 309314. Account no. 03390910 Lloyd’s Bank Crediton. Add on £2.50 for P&P for next day dispatch.

I’m a fast responder to questions and queries. I don’t know everything, but I’ll try to find the answer.

Let me leave you with these lovely lines from WB Yeats…


  1. You have a lovely collection of sari silk fibers there. I have never used them for spinning as I am still not good at that, but I do use them a lot in my felting. I love how the fibers make different textures on the wool and sometimes you get some nice metallic threads in there. I will pull a piece off like roving and then spread them out from the side in little clouds. There are so many ways to use them. 🙂


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