Sari Silk Ribbons. Choose your samples by number.

Sari Silk Ribbons. Choose your samples by number.
Sari Silk Ribbons. Choose your samples by number.
Upcycle old bangles with sari silk wrap to add a splash of colour on a grey day.
Not such a good idea. Started to rain and then snow!
Colour Therapy.
My heart is framed. Pastel pink silk wrap heart. I just used up odds and ends to upcycle an old picture frame.
Vivid Hot Pink heart.
Cyclamen or Pretty Pink Heart.
Easter chick.
Grab some old bangles for a sari silk wrap. 5 yards of sari silk ribbons in 5 different colours for £4.
Contact me for quotes and ideas.

One comment

  1. Hi Judi It was good to talk with you the other day, and sorry it took me so long to reply. When we decide on my ‘order’ I will also add some of the sari silks to it, as ‘jewellery’ making (in it’s very different forms and styles) is something we started before Covid, and will pick up again once we meet in person. I think they would love to make the silk wrapped bangles. Our local charity shop donated us some unsold bangles last year (yikes- year before) and this will be great to repurpose them. Also they are ‘sellable’, and when we get back to normal we participate in 2 art fairs at TAAG, to raise funds for rest of the year. Do you have any instructions, or basically just advice, on best way to start them and finish them off?

    Best wishes and stay safe

    Rose x

    PS Do you know about the Covid fund from Devon CC which would be ideal for your packs? (That is where we got a small grant for our craft packs)?



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