The story of recycled silk and the role of women

This is why I love recycled sari silk fibres. They are full of beauty and colour – and they provide sustainable and ethical employment for women of all ages in rural India. This why I buy direct from the local enterprises in India.

Read the narrative behind today’s growing Sericulture enterprise.

” I value Indian scrap fabric, recycled fabric… India has varieties of textile and huge production.. Industrial/commercial waste is obvious..
We started investigating and sourcing sari silk ribbon, sari silk yarns, banana yarn, cottons,recycled fabric lot.

((The byproduct is then used for various applications) )

Livelihood generation is one of the major potentials of the sericulture and silk industry. Sericulture has emerged as the most important cash crop with minimum investment, high employment potential and highly remunerative return. It is well suited to the agrarian economy of the Tribal. Suitable for every section of society, a big farmer or a landless, aged person or a youth, men or a women Sericulture has provided downstream employment and income generation in rural and semi-urban areas, high participation for low-income and socially underprivileged groups. These people are not enough acquainted with social media, so I propagate their hard work abroad and help them.

We are shipping all over the world our lovely recycled fabrics,yarns and fibres. We are sending these yarns directly from India and continue to do so. Our customers both old and new come back again and again and again. Weavers, knitters, textile artists, crafters making their own projects,Blessed with this eclectic mix of customers we grow by the day. More unique products, yarns more fibres from new parts of India offering a good working environment and sustainable practises for all our women. This is where my heart is.🤗
And that is the most important thing.” Asha Patel Mavani.

Stay safe everyone❤️

Asha Patel Mavani is based in Gujerat.

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