Bespoke Jewellery tied with sari silk ribbons

I am thrilled that Louise Mary of Louise Mary Designs has chosen sari silk ribbons in teal to gift wrap her beautiful jewellery items. Take a look at her website for creative jewellery workshops as well as her uniquely crafted pieces.

Louise Mary is an inspirational jeweller living and working in South Derbyshire whose work is very much inspired by nature. She calls it Jewellery with Soul. As well as creating beautiful jewellery, Louis Mary runs Creative Jewellery workshops and writes books on the subject. This Friday and Saturday she’s involved with an online market along with many other talented makers and craftspeople. You might like to check it out at

Make your own silver jewellery

“I will introduce you to traditional silversmithing techniques, from which you can experiment and develop a design for your own unique piece of silver jewellery. By the end of the day, you will have completed a piece of silver jewellery to take away with you. Find out all you need to know about booking a creative jewellery workshop, or get inspired by reading the wonderful jewellery making stories on the blog, and admire the unique pieces other attendees have made on their workshops.” Louise Mary.


  1. Hi Judi Hope you and yours are well? The lady you have forwarded seems amazingly talented.  I used to make a lot of jewellery with lampwork beads I commissioned, with silver fittings, Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls but never got round doing much besides friends and local craft fayres at the Pavilion Gardens but it was just too much hassle for a very little return.  Nowadays I just make odd bits to use up the huge stock I have, when the Muses grab me. I have started another weaving and will incorporate your latest sari silk ribbon in it with bumby hand spun wool and some earthy colour rovings.  We will see what transpires but at least I have learnt how to control the tension, hurrah!!! My artist friend, Louise Janetta is in love with your ribbons and she also asked if it is possible to have handmade paper in large sizes? Finally, could you recommend a mixed bag of different colour ribbons for her to play with?  I would like to treat her to some for her upcoming birthday.  No rush whatsoever.  I have had a look at your site but cannot make up my mind.  Will you have new colours in the next batch from India? Do look after yourself and have a really good weekend. XXX Satu


    • About your friend… I have handmade paper and journal insets. Will send you details directly over the weekend. Also, will think about bags of ribbons. Let me think about some nice projects and colour combinations – or completely random, if you prefer! Judi x


  2. Hi Satu, thank you for your responses to these posts. I’m always interested and inspired by the people behind these creations so it’s lovely they are so open to sharing. Your messages are so full of life and insights. Love it! Now, I wonder if you and/or your artist friend would be happy to feature in a blog post? That would be awesome. You can preselect your own images and text or I can curate them. Not a big sell, more of look what I’m doing! It really does help to connect us all and to sustain us when creativity levels are low. You’re a real star. Thank you. Judi x


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