Inspired by you! Meet Penny…

Every day I come into contact with gifted creative people, so I thought I’d shine a light on some of these individuals and their creations.

Penny Bonser is a multi talented artist whose work can be found on the RedBubble platform. She also has her own website dedicated to teddy bear orphans.

Teddy Bear Orphans

Currently, Penny is using sari silk ribbons to make unique Spirit Dolls. She has allowed me to show you her first beautiful doll, named Aayda.

Penny says: Please do share my info. that would be great, thank you.Her name is Aayda, Origin: Sanskrit,  Meaning: First Power. She is my first, so the name is perfect.I’ve already made another but no photos yet.I am REALLY enjoying myself!!!Bfn,
Penny xx


Huge thanks to Penny. Her ideas are boundless and, hopefully, will inspire you to not only look at her work, but to play around with your own inner creativity, too.

Next time, we’ll glimpse the work of some other crafters, who have kindly said it’s okay to share their links and work. In the meantime, send me photographs of your work. We’d all love to see them! I can post them without mentioning your name if you prefer.

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