Junk Journaling supports free woodland holidays for families.

Read Valerie’s story here…

I meet so many wonderful people through my recycled silks. Each one has a fascinating tale to tell. Today, I want to share Valerie’s story with you. Please message her with your support. We all need to help each other through good times and bad.

Valerie Joynson found junk journaling during lockdown and has used her new skills to support a charity that her son is involved with running. The Open Nest supports adopted children and their families – both adoptive and birth parents as all have difficult emotions to overcome – by providing free holidays in a woodland setting away from the internet and television.

Valerie says…

“I wanted to support this wonderful charity which is only funded by its own efforts and came up with the idea of a nature folio to encourage the children to look at the world around them” explained Valerie. ‘I watched many YouTube tutorials and some makers use sari silk as tag toppers or journal closures. I found Judi’s shop on EBay and have made several orders as the silks are so beautiful and I believe in supporting small businesses whenever possible. The journaling community is so inclusive and is all about the sharing of ideas so I have started my new Instagram page and I hope to expand this as my skills increase.”

Valerie also used the sari silks for a commissioned Wizard of Oz folio. “The uses for sari silk are endless,” said Valerie “and I shall be returning to Judi’s shop for all my silks as they are ethically sourced.

I have an Instagram page called mypalval.crafts. I will upload some photos to it. If you could add the link to the Open Nest crowdfunding page that would be wonderful.




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