Judi Binks

I used to love running felting workshops from my studio in Mid Devon until Covid19 put a stop to all that in March 2020.

Instead, I now try to post simple online tutorials for you to follow. Not the same as personal tuition – but hopefully they will offer some guidelines. Go to tutorials

I also sell from my stock of wools, silks and felting kits. I have a lovely selection of superfine Merino wools which are ideal for making garments and scarves because they are so silky smooth.

Colour Chart of Sari Silk Ribbons

I buy ethical produced recycled sari silk yarns from a women’s co-operative in Rajasthan, including sari silk slivers (Great for paper making and carding with wool) and sari silk ribbons (brilliant for Boho jewellery and textile embellishments).

I’m always happy to answer any queries and try to respond ASAP.

I’m a fibre Artist and teacher and really miss the human contact. I’m not a professional Web designer or trader – as you can tell!

Be an inspired Textile Artist!

Please follow my blog and leave your comments and queries. Thank you for checking out my blog.

Judi Binks